4Houses makes balustrades that, thanks to plastic and steel materials, last over the time, without needing periodical maintenance. In architecture, the balcony is an element of great value and design ability. Thanks to its experience in house trims, responding to the maintenance problems of the “light” parts of the balcony, 4Houses has designed long-lasting banisters, made of plastic and steel materials, that don’t need periodical maintenance. Elegance and functionality Made in Italy, for the outdoor house.

Our balcony and terrace railings come from the fencings design and they come together as a matching set. The added handrail completes its function, as the reinforcement, made of galvanized iron, added to “Sagitta” line and the two reinforcements added to “Stella Alpina” line guarantee their strength. The safety sheets are available to designers and fitters at their disposal. The intrinsic qualities, the colours and the materials are the same of the fencings.


  • Minimum height: 1.100mm
  • Uprights wheelbase: max 80mm
  • The balconies are custom-built

Balconies Technical Sheet | PDF