Fence for paddock use and for boundary of public (park, adventure playground, cycle path) and private areas. Completely made of shockproof thermoplastic polymer, (U-PVC) this product is the best solution you can find as strength, assembly practicality, low-cost purchase and maintenance.

Its special feature makes the product excellently weatherproof, especially concerning the surface ageing due to ultraviolet rays (UV).

There are four standard heights:

  • 0,40 m with 1 horizontal rails
  • 0,80 m with 1 or 2 horizontal rails
  • 1,20 m with 1, 2 or 3 horizontal rails
  • 1,60 m with 3 or 4 horizontal rails

It is possible to require special size. Standard colour: white. On demand: brown and green.

Ranch Technical Sheet.pdf